07 Jan

Welcome Back to a brand new year that I hope will progress much better than the last one. Most importantly CAWS is back open for all areas of business on 11th January 2021.

Some of us are already back and some worked over the Christmas and New Year period but come Monday it will be back to normal. Thank you to all the staff that gave up time over Christmas and New Year with their family to ensure that people were not left on their own to celebrate the holiday period, we have a fantastic team at CAWS.

We hope you all had a lovely time even if your plans were mucked up a bit by the COVID-19 regulations. We hope that you are all ready for a fantastic 2021.

Remember if you need help understanding what is happening with COVID just give us a call but for now wear a mask if you go inside shops or other businesses or on public transport, you don't have to wear it if you are outside taking a walk but for your own safety we recommend wearing a mask if you have people you don't live with around you. 

All CAWS staff are required to wear masks if they are around participants or family members. 

Have a great Day


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