Hearing Loss and the use of Face Masks

03 Mar

Mask wearing has definitely become a new challenge for many hearing aid wearers. here are some suggestions that I hope assist you if you wear hearing aids

  • The ‘N95’ model of face mask has been advertised as having behind the head straps.
  • Etsy or similar custom made shops have been a helpful resource for finding particular mask styles. Here is an Etsy store link that may be of help - Mask for hearing aid | Etsy.
  • The Hearing Services website has produced a Factsheet on hearing aid use with face masks - Face Mask Tips for People with Hearing Loss (hearingservices.gov.au). It suggests trying “ a mask holder near the back of the head. It holds ear loops and removes a source of interference with hearing devices and eyeglasses.” There have been some create ‘hacks’ for how to loop the two face mask bands together, such as a strip of fabric/ribbon with buttons attached or even the looped arms of the ‘barrel of monkeys’ toy!
  • There are also some helpful online videos such as this one - Face Mask Tips for Hearing Aid Wearers - YouTube


Thankyou to Kathryn from Hearing Australia for this information, you can find them at www.hearing.com.au 

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