30 Aug

We all know what is going on with COVID across NSW is causing a lot of people distress and concern. CAWS is here if you are struggling. 

At present 46% of our staff are double vaccinated and 86% have received their first dose. The remaining staff will need to have their first dose of the vaccine or a contraindication certificate from their doctor to be able to continue working in the disability industry. 

CAWS has assisted many of our participants to get vaccinated, if you or a person you know with a disability needs help to get your vaccinations please call on 02 9893 8210 and leave a message, we will call back.

We are continuing to provide services throughout the pandemic in people's homes or by taking people for their essential shopping or medical appointments, where people live alone this service can be the only link they have to the outside world and having a worker come in can prevent the need to seek assistance for mental illness or maintain behaviours at a level that is manageable. 

From Monday 6th September 2021, in order to work outside a local government area of concern, authorised workers must have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 Vaccine and carry evidence of this. They must also have a letter from their provider stating that they are an essential worker and they should have a travel permit. 

As a participant you should ask to see this evidence if you are concerned about the worker coming into your home. All of these activities are designed to make you safe and secure that your worker will not bring he virus into your home. Every CAWS worker should be wearing a mask at all times when they are with you and where appropriate use gloves or sanitiser on their hands. CAWS provides masks, sanitiser and other PPE where necessary so there is no excuse, if a worker does not carry out this essential infection control, regardless if it is a CAWS worker or from another company, you can give us a call on  02 9893 8210 (please leave a message and we will get back to you) and we will assist you to  make sure they do everything required in the future.

Infection Control is everybody's business. Get vaccinated and stay safe

See the video of Tara, a young woman with Down's Syndrome telling you why you should be vaccinated here

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